Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Spinning Wheel

This photo sums up how I feel right now:

Sort of serene and dreamy and very warm and contented inside. If I were a cat I would be purring now : )

I have just ordered my first spinning wheel - and Ashford Elizabeth 2 from Wingham Wool Works .
The wheel comes with a £25 fibre voucher so I have ordered nearly 2kgs of Shetland white tops to learn with. A very kind friend who lives nearby is going to show me the basics. I am so thrilled because I didnt think this could happen. I tried several at Woolfest and the ball bearings on the Elizabeth made treadling easy for me. I was supposed to wait until December as my birthday and christmas are close together but......well......you understand I just couldnt????
PS The photo was taken by my son at Woolfest. It is the view outside our bedroom window in the B & B on the second night.