Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical Hands Need Mittens

My son is nearly 15 years old now and has very definate ideas of what is cool, and what is not. I was pleasantly surprised last week when he asked if I could knit him some new mittens for Winter as his old ones are now too small. He is funny about his hands, he doesnt like them to get cold, or dirty, and is sensitive to the way things feel. If something feels 'wrong' then wild horses wont get him to touch them again.

After a trip into the loft AKA the stash room, he decided on Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud DK. The actual colour is a mossy green, but I couldnt get my camera to play nicely today:

I used a very old Wendy pattern from the 80's which is still for sale nowadays. Very simple, very quick, and done on 2 straight needles. I only used 65g in total so value for money too : ) Number 1 Son loves them (at least, he smiled and grunted in an approving way) and has happy, cosy hands again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spinning, Socks & Summer's end

I have started some more socks for me. I just couldn't face another pair of giant socks for DH, so its my turn. They will be basic ankle socks, nothing fancy as the yarn is so beautiful I think a pattern would spoil it. The yarn is Regia Hand-dye Effect from Get Knitted in colourway 6556.

I have also spun my first bobbin on my Elizabeth. It is really exciting to have got so far and now I am looking forward to doing my second bobbin and attempting plying. I have a blister on my 1st finger and thumb where I have been holding the yarn too tightly when drafting. I am gradually learning to let go a bit LOL and a friend is giving me a one-on-one lesson tonight which I am looking forward to : )
Autumn seems to have definitely arrived, so I leave you with a photo of the last of my Dahlias and a view of the Cherry tree at the bottom of my garden in all its Autumn splendour.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Spinning Wheel

I have a spinning wheel - I HAVE A SPINNING WHEEL I CAN USE Yippee!!! OK, I know I'm shouting etc but I am so happy : )

My wheel is an Ashford Elizabeth 2 and she has ball bearings in the wheel so treadling is simply, a mere flick of the foot and round she goes. No strain, pain or effort involved. We finally finished sanding, waxing and assembling her last night so today I had a go.

And below is the result:

The wheel came with a £25 fibre vouchers so I bought nearly 2 kgs of undyed shetland tops to practice with. I have her set up for scotch tension at the moment. Having become proficient with a spindle over the last 2 years has really helped with getting my foot and hands co-ordinated I think.
On the walking front, I think I am also making progress. I can now walk half a mile at a time before I need to rest. Yes, it still hurts and is very tiring and I have to get cross with myself to make myself keep going............but I am not giving in and becoming more and more housebound just yet. Where there is life and strength I am keeping and reclaiming my mobility for as long as I can.
PS I now have skirting board and proper electrical sockets at home too - no more extension leads snaking around the floor : )
I hope to have the energy to resume my knitting groups soon instead of flaking out at 7 pm, but walking properly before Winter sets in comes first and everything else (including housework) must take second place. Once I can walk a mile, I can get to the gym and swimming pool and get strong in all my muscles, which can only be a good thing for all other activities.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Wedding

My eldest daughter got married yesterday at Kenilworth Castle. Here is a photo of yours truly with my 3 beautiful children : )

And the bridge and groom:

It was a lovely sunny day and the venue was breathtaking. The ceremony was held at the gatehouse at 4pm so, by the time we ventured out afterwards, the grounds had closed to the public and we had the whole castle to ourselves for the rest of the evening. Glasses of chilled Pimms at the Elizabethan Knot Garden as the sun goes down is not to be missed!!!