Monday, April 27, 2009

Minature Bantams

About 18 months ago one of our neighbours knocked on our door. He was carrying a cat basket containing these two beauties:

The grey one is called Stormy and the gold-headed one is called Dawn. My neighbour had bought them for his son but didn't realize the havoc they would wreak on his garden so he thought, as we already had some chickens, then these two would be welcome. I took one look at their sweet little faces and just couldn't refuse!!!
They are lovely birds, full of character. Stormy makes a sweet little cheep-cheep sound when she sees us and Dawn is the tamest of our birds and runs up to be petted. They are miniature bantams and are smaller even than pigeons. Their eggs are the size of golf balls and are very, very tasty.
They are more of a pet than anything as they only lay about 3 eggs a week each for about 9 months of the year, but we are very entertained by them : )

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spinning Alpaca on a Spindle

The first 60g of Alpaca is spun, now I will wind off the 30g on my spindle onto the 30g already on the bobbin, and start again on the next 60g. Then I can put the next 60g on a seperate bobbin and ply them together on my lazy kate. I ply onto a big CD spindle.
I went to Get Knitted today to drop off some Sunflower swifts and some nostepinnes. I bought some cotton DK and a cardigan pattern for me. On Sunday I am off to Wonderwool Wales - ahh, will the temptations never end?????

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Watching Flames

Our new wood-burning stove is up and running now. We still have to make the wooden surround, but the stove works beautifully!! I know it isnt exactly cold in the evenings - but we just had to try it out ; )

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ready for the Allotment : )

I just love it when all the little seedlings are poking their noses out of the soil and heading towards the sun. Here are a few of our seed-trays ready for planting out over the next day or two : )

And the Japanese Asa tree is flourishing as well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Virus's and Depression?

Is there a link between having a nasty virus and getting depressed? I am pondering on this one because I keep crying for no reason, I am very tired all the time, and everything just feels grey and miserable. Even my knitting and spinning are of no comfort - but I don't feel depressed, if you see what I mean.......

In the past 3 months this has been my life:

Recovering from Pneumonia (or trying to)

I have ripped up flooring, pulled down plaster, taken down a brick wall, put up new stud walling, moved doorways (2) and made a new fireplace. Just me and DH and a trusty sledgehammer or two.

I have had most of my house re-plastered by two wonderful men who have done a fantastic job

I then got let down by the decorator and left in the lurch so have emulsioned most of my house temporarily until the plaster is ready for proper decorating.

I have lost one of my precious chickens - Silvia my silver wyandotte. We just found her dead in the coop, no injury's or anything. She was 18 month old and we had the funeral on Tuesday.

To do:

I just have the 9' wall of bookcases to build so I can put all 22 boxes of my books away and have my lounge floor back, then I can collapse!!

Looking at this list, perhaps I am not so much depressed as worn out and justifiably in need of a holiday. Thank goodness for Jane from Coventry Knitwits. She is taking me to Wonderwool Wales a week on Sunday so I am guaranteed a lovely day out. Thanks Jane : )

PS I think I may have worked out where my camera has gone, so hopefully there will be photos soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Lurghy : (

I have the Lurghy. I have had it since Monday. DH has the Lurghy too and it is all DS's fault. If DS didnt go to school he wouldnt pick up germs, get ill (for a mere 48 hours), and give DH and I the Dreaded Lurghy too!!! Normal service will be resumed some time in the near future if we survive the plague LOL