Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Size matters

We have had our extension for 7 years. We have not achieved the right size and shape of table during this time. When we bought our tiny terraced 2 bed house it didn't have a kitchen as such. It had a kitchen area as part of the dining/living room. So we built an full width extension to make a kitchen/diner and free up the space in the living room.

But our existing table was too big for the extension so we sort of squeezed around for a year. The MIL was getting rid of her dining table and chairs and we joyfully accepted as it was smaller than our table, and our old table went to Emmaus.

Bad move!! The new to us table is circular and 42" in diameter so the wrong shape and size for sewing or any other craft work. More years of frustration followed.

Today we went to Ikea and bought a rectangular pine table exactly the right size for our extension and exactly big enough for my sewing machine and cutting mat or whatever for dressmaking and quilting purposes. I can do my pyrography without slipping off the curved edge. And putting the felt on the swift feet is much easier as I can do a long strip in one go now.

I am a happy bunny : )