Saturday, December 8, 2007

Avoiding Burn Out

First - the knitting: Slouch Socks by Sue Morgan of GK knitted in an Opal sock yarn thingy who's ball band I cant find LOL. Then the real reason for posting:

I have decided, reluctantly, to stop blogging until the new year. FIL is still in hospital and likely to be there for a while. On Monday MIL goes into hospital as well for treatment and further tests. Unfortunately they are 2 different hospitals 12 miles apart!!! In the interests of everyones sanity DH and I are cutting out anything we can time-wise, so the blogging has to go. They only have DH and I. MIL is an only child and FIL is the last of his line so its us or no-one. Its so sad when age and illness creeps up on people and they have so little family for support. I am sure many of you have been there, or are there now.
I hope you all have a Joyful Christmas-time and wish you a peaceful and happy new year : )

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Glub

I got my first yarn from the Glove Club at and I couldnt wait to cast on for these. The pattern is in 'Not Just Socks' and the colours will be just right to go with my new black duffle coat : ). I'm casting on the second glove today. Its been a hectic week so its great to get some knitting time this weekend.