Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still Here

Hello everyone and thank for all the good wishes : )

I had my scan again yesterday and my 8mm kidney stone seem well and truly stuck in my ureter. My right kidney is still swollen and inflamed so it seems that an operation is the next step. I just hope they get round to doing it soon, before I end up in hospital again with another infection!!! The doctor who discharged me seemed to think that at least 1 more emergency hospital admission with a raging infection is inevitable before I get the stone removed: (

What on earth are they waiting for????? As I understand it, passing an 8mm stone naturally is virtually impossible and I am only little.

I went to Kenilworth Knit n Knatter today and had a lovely time. It was so good to be out the house and amongst people again. I came hope and slept for a while but mentally feel a lot brighter. I had severe bruises on both my arms where I had so many blood tests and a line in for 5 days. The bruising has healed now so I can knit comfortably again : )

The hardest part (apart from the pain) was nil by mouth for 4 days - my lips are still sore and my mouth feels funny. Any medical people out there with any suggestions? My sense of taste has gone weird and everything tastes bitter.

More baby knitting photos soon!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Update

Mum came out of hespital last night for a few days or so, then she has to go back in for more treatment. She sends her love and thanks for all your good wishes and hopes to be blogging again soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is DS. Mum has had to be rushed to hospital on the 11th following pain in her side, and may still be in for a few more days. I haven't had time to post this until now, but I have now following a request from mum. Please don't order anything until further notice, when normal service is resumed.

Monday, March 8, 2010


OK, we have lounge progress. Still no armchairs etc. but......the piano and cello are in and my spinning wheel is up and running again!!

On the knitting front, these are 2 of the yarns chosen by DD1 for her little Tabitha. Yep, she is having a daughter and she should arrive in about 3 1/2 months. I'm making plain v-neck cardigans out of these yarns. They are from The Yarnyard and are hand-dyed 75% wool and 25% synthetic. I cant remember their names : )

PS The cupbard in the 1st photo contains my quilting and sewing stuff. Its like the Tardis and folds out with 2 tables, lots of little drawers, and my Sewing machine fits in too. It has 4 plug sockets as well. I bought it from Facades of Devon years ago. My cupboard can be found Here
I also have the cutting table, but you cant see it in the photo as it its to the left of the spinning wheel.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cats in Charge

OK, I have no furniture...but DH has made something for the cats!! We had some of the new carpet left over and were worried about claws on the new carpet and furniture (when it arrives) so DH (unasked) took control:

He made scratching post and resting place for Their Highnesses. He used some off-cuts of wood and a log and the left over bits of carpet. He disappeared into his workshop muttering something about spoilt cats under his breath...and re-appear a few hours later with this!! Doesnt Ebony look comfy? DH really does like cats and Rowan is nearly always on his lap in the evening , he just cant bring himself to actually admit that he likes them LOL.
I think I have a very clever hubby.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Have a Lounge!!!!!

You may remember my blog posts of February 2009...where we demolished most of the downstairs of our house? I recommend you refresh your memory whilst I finish my cup of tea, the following photos will be even more of a contrast if you do : )

I now have walls with wall paper on them, and skirting boards which are glossy and white and a white windowsill .......

I have a fireplace with a stove and hearth...............

And I have painted doors and the carpet was fitted today !!!
Now all I need is some furniture LOL