Monday, November 12, 2007

My Son's Birthday.

OK, soppy mother alert here!!!

My miracle baby, the one doctors said I could never have, is 13 years old tomorrow. If I still kept up my fathers faith he would be having his Bar Mitzvah. A trainee adult.

He is a sweet natured child. Sometimes wilful of course, but always open to reason. He is a cheerful person with a very good sense of humour and a strong artistic streak. I love him so much and he is very precious to me and DH.

I cant imagine him as a man at the moment...he is small for his age and still very much a child....but one day soon he will shoot up and his voice will break and he will be trying out his wings.

It is as it should be, but he is the last baby, my youngest child (3 surviving children out of 11), and I feel quite ambivalent about it all. I have enjoyed the last 13 years and hope he will have a happy future as he begins to slowly find his independence and make more of his own decisions over the next few years. Here's to the next 5 years of puberty and arguments !!!!!

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Hannah said...

There's nothing soppy about loving your child! Unless, of course, you try to kiss him at the school gate ;>)