Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cats and Fibre

My girl cat, Rowan, has fallen in love with my new fibre. It is Merino 64 and I bought 200g in Safflower from Freyalyn. Freyalyn is a new dyer I have discovered on Ravelry and she hand dyes some lovely colours. Rowan sniffed the fibre, then snuggled it for a moment, then stood guard while I was trying to get a good photo - the problem was, she wouldnt move far enough away so she is my fibre model for today. The merino was all wrapped up beautifully. I put it on a ball to get a photo which captured its variey of plums, red currants and deep copper gold. Sadly my camera wasnt up to the job, I think its time to get a modern digital camera.

Of course, my boy cat, Ebony, wasnt far from the action either!!! He watched it all intently from the sidelines and supervised my every move : )

This is a close up to show the depth and even-ness of the dyeing. Beautiful!!! I have put a link to Freyalyns etsy shop on my sidebar and I have this feeling that I wont be able to resist a peek myelf in the near future !!

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Freyalyn said...

As I said, smoke-free but not pet-free home. They'll be able to sense my two cats and the two monstering dogs!!!!