Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Penguins and Baking

On Ravelry recently, there has been an outbreak of penguins. Crocheted penguins. There are 5 of them acting as moderators on the British Banter group, plus many more who are members of the group. I cannot crochet properly yet. Jane has patiently taught me the basics, but I need more help I think. So here is my penguin friend - a stuffed penguin. He is a very Posh penguin and has his own fisherman to catch his fish for him. See the little silver fish in the fisherman's hand???
The other news is that I have been touching up my breadmaking skills. I make bread the old-fashioned way, no breadmakers in this house : )
My eldest daughter is coming over next week to learn the finer points of breadmaking, so I thought I had better make sure I can turn out a good loaf everytime or it could be really embarassing LOL

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steel breeze said...

Ha! I have a very sorry looking stuffed-toy penguin that I won at a fair. His beak and his eyes look all wrong, his beak is above his eyes. Maybe I should send you a pic for "Topsy Turvy the mad penguin"?! :)

Give me a shout when/if you need more crochet lessons.