Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me : )

I can't get my photos to load in order so this could be a bit confusing.

Above is the herdy mousemat from DS. Below are some 'old lady' slippers I treated myself to as I wanted a warm pair big enough to wear with my handknitted socks.

It was my birthday yesterday and I got some super-duper presents and a hand made card from DS.

I always hankered after an Aga. Living in a tiny terraced house in a city, its not looking likely that it will happen so...DH bought me a Teapot shaped like an Aga. The kettle is the lid. Isnt it clever : )

Close up so you can see the words on the front of the card DS made me.

DS also bought me a herdy mug and mouse pad, and DD2 bought me The Knitters Year which has lots of lovely patterns in.


Lisa said...

Some lovely gifts there, I especially like the Aga teapot & that would probably be the closest I'd ever get to owning one too.
Happy Birthday.

Georgina said...

A day late - Happy Birthday!! Love the thoughtful pressies you received!

Stasher said...

A very belated Happy Bithday. xx