Friday, May 27, 2011

A Learning Curve.

DH is 6'7" tall and broad shouldered, but slim. This means that all his shirts are too short for him.

Solution? A clever wife with a good sewing machine and a DH with endless optimism and faith in his wife's capabilities.

So I have somehow ended up volunteering to make him some shirts. I am starting relatively simply with a McCalls shirt pattern, number 2149. (blogger wont let me link today) It has short sleeves and he wants the round collar. So I only have to think about stuff like button holes, interfacing and adapting the pattern - gulp!!!

So far I have successfully lengthened the body and sleeves by 2 1/2" each. I remembered to do the same for the interfacing. I have cut out the fabric. Mercifully he has chosen a non-directional batik for the first shirt, but he also bought 4 yards of striped shirting material for my next one...............

Now I have to work out which side of the iron-on interfacing is the sticky side.

Oh my, what have I let myself in for..................

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Laal Bear said...

My Mum was an expert shirt maker and made all my dad's and brothers. During the war to make extra money she made them for other people charging 2/- for making them :0)