Monday, January 9, 2012

In search of an interesting topic

My daughters recently pointed out that I have not blogged for some time.

The problem is, I seldom have anything interesting to say, or show. I have no witty banter to share, or hilarious anecdotes to regale people with. I have no deeply moving story to tell or any important political or newsworthy item to discuss. And I'm not sure how my daughters would feel about a steady stream of doting grandma photos of their children.

I am just an ordinary woman. So how do others find something to speak about day after day I wonder?

Here is a gratuitous knitted shawl photo, just to keep the blog alive. Its made from 2 skeins of Artesano DK in Chaffinch.

1 comment:

Yarnspider said...

The Shawl is lovely. And you are an interesting person who makes wonderful things. Don't do yourself down!