Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stuff Wot I Have Been Doing : )

 Firstly, my wonderful Eldest daughter has become a Biker. I am so proud of her achievement and courage to learn to ride a bike. And, to show my pride, I refer to her a Baby Darth Vader, when she is wearing her outfit.

Secondly, DH and I decided to do our first woolly show at Shipston Wool Fair last month. It was a great experience, very tiring and a steep learning curve. We were supported in our efforts by The Yarn Cafe, who let us share their stall, and were fantastic.

 Finally, I finished a new cardigan for my grand-daughter.


Vonnie said...

Nice to hear from you Claire, I hope your stall was a success - it certainly deserves to be!

- Vonnie

Elariel said...

I swear to myself one day I will have a sunflower swift!!! *sob*