Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Day Job

I thought you might like to see what we make when we are not making swifts and spindles. DH is an Organ builder and I am the apprentice. He does all the technical wooden bits and I do the sweeping, tea making, varnishing etc - you get the idea. (think organ grinder and monkey) Anything you see on the organs that is made of wood - we made it.
We also build, restore and tune church organs, harpichords, forte-pianos and basically any early musical keyboard instrument. It is fascinating to see a grubby piece of seasoned wood turn into an organ pipe, or key for a keyboard etc. There is a lot of travelling and getting mucky and crawling around, but it is so satisfying.
I love my job!!!


Aknita said...

It must be very satisfying indeed, craftsmanship like this is a dying art and it's wonderful to know that such restoration work is still being done.

What lovely photos!

Knitbert said...

What a lovely finished result, such attention to detail. It was lovely to meet you at GK too, BTW! Fab Dalek ;)