Monday, July 9, 2007

Spindle Bag and Pencil Rovings

This is my latest effort in using my drop spindle. The ropey yarn on the left of the shaft is where I began. By this morning I had progressed to the finer yarn on the right. I had never used pencil rovings before and found draftinging it quite difficult at first. Natalie at has put an excellent tutorial on her blog about how to draft it. Thankyou Natalie.

I also made a bag for my spindle. As DH made this spindle especially for me, with a shorter shaft and a notch on the side, I thought it deserved its own bag. You may notice that I used the pencil roving to knit with !!!! It knitted up beautifully on 9mm needles and is 100% organic merino. I am using the leftover caramel and variagated rovings to spin with too. Watch this space LOL

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