Saturday, January 5, 2008

Meanwhile, back to the blogging..........

DS thought that, as I have been too busy to knit recently, my Rabbit should take over for a while LOL
I am actually making myself some mittens but I am only 20 rows into the first one : (
Thank you for all the comments and email. You are all wonderful. I'm sorry I havent got round to replying individually yet. MIL is back at home, as is FIL so life is easier now. MIL doesnt get the results of her biopsy until the end of the month, but FIL is comfortable and stable and where he wants to be.
Back soon with some mitten photo's XXXXX

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Craftybernie said...

What a good little wabbit!!! But I do hope you get some YOU time, even if it's just a sneaky 10 minutes here or there.

It must be exhausting going between hospitals - I saw my mum go through it with dad and my nana both in different hospitals on different sides of Dublin!!

Take care of you and yours & best wishes.

Bernie xx