Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Autumn Rainbows

While my camera was AWOL I received this wonderful fibery treat from Babylonglegs. It is 100g corriedale custom hand-dyed by her in the colours I love as part of a swop:

And, of course, new fibre means a new spindle to spin it on, so DH made me this one:

A very basic shaft with minimal shaping and a cup hook. The shaft and whorl are both Beech and it weighs about 45g. See you later - I'm off to play with my new toys : )


BabyLongLegs said...

Autumn rainbows....I like that name!!!
Now, to remember how I did it.... ;)

Have fun with it on your new spindle, missus!!

My spindle and nostepinne will be going away camping with me next week...I need to give them some love and attention, being the lazy wheeler that I have become ***winks***

Big Hugs
Sarah xXx

Denise said...

Very talented husband.