Friday, August 1, 2008

The Pyjama Game

No photos this time as DH and DS have taken the camera with them on their hols. While they are away camping and canoeing down the River Wye I have taken over the lounge to do some sewing.

Poor DH hasn't got a pair of pyjamas that fit him. He has never had a pair of pyjamas that fit him properly since he was 17 years old. Pyjamas for 'normal' height men leave him with a cold back, cold ankles and cold wrists and he looks like Worzel Gummidge in them. However - I have a cunning plan : )

I am going to make him 4 pairs of pyjamas - 2 cotton ones for Summer and 2 flannelette ones for Winter. The cutting out begins today. I have adapted the sewing pattern for hugeness ie. added 4 inches to the length of arms, legs and top. I have washed and ironed said material to pre-shrink it cos its all 100% cotton. I have ironed said material - 4 x 7 metres. Now for the cutting out!!!

Watch this space - I may be back later with vile expletives and weary wailings LOL


Julie said...

Good luck with the cutting. :)

I'm curious - are you working on a table or the floor? Cutting out is the worst part for me because I have to lay out and cut on the floor, which means my dodgy knee just can't take the strain.

Spinayarn said...

I have a cutting table. It folds out to 1m x 2.5m and is the right height for me standing up : )

You are welcome to pop over and use it anytime but its too heavy to lend out.

It is on wheel soo so it cn easily move around wherever I want it.

Julie said...

*looks envious and adds cutting table to list of why will have to pop over one day*

I don't think I have enough space in my tiny living room for a table that folds out that big, so you're safe from me trying to 'borrow' it. ;)