Monday, January 5, 2009

Swooning & Red Socks

Today I am feeling rather vulnerable. I went to Tesco, the first time I have tried shopping since I got ill, and I nearly fainted. Yep - me - swooning like a true Victorian heroine!!! I am glad DH was with me and managed to usher me to a seat before I acually fainted. A sit down and cup of hot chocolate did the trick but it has been a shock to realise how weak I am still. And the Victorian misses can keep this swooning stuff - being dizzy and shaky is horrid!!!

On a positive note I cn now show you the socks I knitted for my younger DD. She wanted red socks, girly but not screamingly so, and lacy just at the tops - oh, and they had to be machine washable too. I used Country Style 4 ply and Sue Morgans Slouch socks pattern and my DS loves them. She has already worn them to work : )

On the home front we are camped out in the front room with our bed down here whilst we have our bedroom decorated. Its quite cosy but we get odd looks from passers by from having a huge Kingsized bed under our front window for all to see. It makes watching the TV fun though - all warmly snuggled down with DH, Me, DS and 2 cats!!!


Julie said...

Nearly fainting when you're out is not good at all... Well done to your DH for taking care of you.

Nice socks. I've been wondering what the Country Style 4ply knits up like and from your example, it looks pretty good. :)

Yarnspider said...

So pleased you are feeling better enough to attempt to go out. Do go careful, it really does take so long to get over a bout like you have had. If you try too much too soon, you may put yourself back a step or three.

Love the socks, best wishes and big hugs.