Friday, April 17, 2009

Virus's and Depression?

Is there a link between having a nasty virus and getting depressed? I am pondering on this one because I keep crying for no reason, I am very tired all the time, and everything just feels grey and miserable. Even my knitting and spinning are of no comfort - but I don't feel depressed, if you see what I mean.......

In the past 3 months this has been my life:

Recovering from Pneumonia (or trying to)

I have ripped up flooring, pulled down plaster, taken down a brick wall, put up new stud walling, moved doorways (2) and made a new fireplace. Just me and DH and a trusty sledgehammer or two.

I have had most of my house re-plastered by two wonderful men who have done a fantastic job

I then got let down by the decorator and left in the lurch so have emulsioned most of my house temporarily until the plaster is ready for proper decorating.

I have lost one of my precious chickens - Silvia my silver wyandotte. We just found her dead in the coop, no injury's or anything. She was 18 month old and we had the funeral on Tuesday.

To do:

I just have the 9' wall of bookcases to build so I can put all 22 boxes of my books away and have my lounge floor back, then I can collapse!!

Looking at this list, perhaps I am not so much depressed as worn out and justifiably in need of a holiday. Thank goodness for Jane from Coventry Knitwits. She is taking me to Wonderwool Wales a week on Sunday so I am guaranteed a lovely day out. Thanks Jane : )

PS I think I may have worked out where my camera has gone, so hopefully there will be photos soon.


Julie said...

A quick question, you say you feel tired all the time... Are you sleeping OK?

If you're really tired, you'll be less able to cope with the little things life throws at you, which means you may well burst into tears for the slightest reason.

If the tiredness continues, it may be worth seeing a doctor and getting it checked out.


fibreclaireUK said...

Thats a good point. I am faling asleep OK but wake up in the night as I am having rather vivid dreams and nightmares. Thanks - I will review my nighttime routine.

mandycharlie said...

I hope your feeling better very soon.

daisie said...

to me the waking at night seems a sign of anxiety rather than depression - too many things running through your mind leading to lack of rest and ability to recover. The fact that you are listing tasks, done and to do, seems in a similar vein. I recognise this because I went through it myself. I had to be forced to wind down and not think about or try to do much for about a month. Hope you don't mind me making assumptions like this, but also hope it helps?

fibreclaireUK said...

Thankyou Daisy - another good point. I definately need to unwind before bedtime and get more organised.

I think some creative writing may help too, it usually does.

steel breeze said...

I am terrible at "dropping off" - I now have a rule, no housework etc after 10pm, I sit in bed for an hour and read with hot chocolate. Otherwise I have trouble stopping!

To-dos go into my electronic diary so I can let it worry about them. I have some notebooks by the bed for venting in/scribbling down stuff when really anxious - it's drivel mostly but "better out than in!"

When I really can't sleep I get up and watch tv or do the ironing or something.

Vivid dreams? Are you on meds or have you changed your diet? I get the odd dream/nightmare but not on a regular basis...

Looking forward to Wales - will work out times and let you know, cos shan't see you before then!

Yarnspider said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling so rough.
Do remember pneumonia can take up to 6 months to recover from. If you don't take it slowly enough, the consequences can be pretty nasty. It can trigger all sorts of stuff.
So slow down, enjoy what you have done, let others worry about the rest!
Big hugs!