Monday, April 27, 2009

Minature Bantams

About 18 months ago one of our neighbours knocked on our door. He was carrying a cat basket containing these two beauties:

The grey one is called Stormy and the gold-headed one is called Dawn. My neighbour had bought them for his son but didn't realize the havoc they would wreak on his garden so he thought, as we already had some chickens, then these two would be welcome. I took one look at their sweet little faces and just couldn't refuse!!!
They are lovely birds, full of character. Stormy makes a sweet little cheep-cheep sound when she sees us and Dawn is the tamest of our birds and runs up to be petted. They are miniature bantams and are smaller even than pigeons. Their eggs are the size of golf balls and are very, very tasty.
They are more of a pet than anything as they only lay about 3 eggs a week each for about 9 months of the year, but we are very entertained by them : )

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ambermoggie said...

They are gorgeous:)