Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Socks and Spinning

I finished by socks in Regia Hand-dyed effect yarn and they are beautiful. Having worn the said socks twice now, I wouldn't recommend this yarn for socks!! On the plus side,the yarn is very soft and drapes beautifully and has the most fantastic colours in it. Unfortunately these same qualities make it pill like crazy and the rib is all floppy because there isn't enough elasticity in this yarn. I know its not the fault of the pattern because I have used this pattern successfully many times before.

The verdict: A wonderful yarn for shawls etc, but not for anything requiring elasticity or strength. Meanwhile, I have been getting adventurous with my wheel and am spinning colours!!! This is Belfalas Superwash Merino from Freyalyn and is very soft and well dyed with no white bits where dye has been missed. I love Freyalyn's work : )
Finally: My first wheelspun is finished. I have it hung up by my wheel for drooling and petting purposes at the moment. It may become some mittens.......but it may not LOL

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Freyalyn said...

Pretty! And thank you for the kind words.