Monday, October 26, 2009

Michelangelo reincarnated???

OK, maybe I'm going a bit far by mentioning Michelangelo and my son in the same sentence but......below is my 14 year old sons first assignment for his GCSE Art class, in pencil:
I may be a doting mother, but I'm impressed!!! My latest creation is a Forest Canopy Shawl in solid powder blue Opal sock yarn. Its my first attempt at lacework of this magnitude and so far, its working out OK

And finally, if either of my daughters are reading this - cue the giggles. I have finally managed to drag DH into Curry and bought us a 26" LCD digital, HD ready TV. This is a momentous event as it took months to persuade him, 10 years ago, that we needed a TV which used a remote and didn't have a fuzzy screen. This time is took weeks of banging the sides of the old TV when the sound kept cutting out - but he gave in and we have now entered the 21st Century LOL

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