Thursday, April 22, 2010

Into the Twilight Zone......and Happy News

I just spent a whole hour composing a long post, complete with photos, about our trip to the woodyard last week...........and blogger seems to have eaten it!!! I shall have to try again another time : (

Other news: The bowel surgeon saw me today and isnt going to operate if he can help it. He thinks that my giant kidney stone is the problem and opening me up to look for bowel problems is not the way to go. He is writing to my urologist to get him to hurry up and remove my stone, then we shall take it from there. If I am OK, then the problem was the stone, not my bowel. I am taking this a very good news : )

Also: I went to Mrs T's in Coventry after the hospital and bought a lovely 4 ply baby pattern for a hat, mitts and bootees - very old-fashioned and girlie. Sorry Daughter Number 1 but your baby is getting something lacy after all. I just cant help myself. I also bought a really nice V-necked jumper pattern to make a jumper for Daughter Number 2. I love Mrs T's shop and her pattern selection is excellent.

In the afternoon DH and I escaped into the country and ended up having afternoon drinks etc at The Castle at Edge Hill - I love playing truant LOL

All in all, a very good day.

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