Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toffee and Cactus

My friend carded this batt for me on a drum carder. You can't see, but there is far more caramel colour on the other side. This batt is called Toffee.

My son just glanced at it while it was on the floor being photographed. His comment was that it looked like a Tortoiseshell cat which had been run over by a lorry!!! He now casually looks at me spinning it and remarks "still using the road kill?" Don't you love teenagers : )

Below is a photo of the surprise we found a few days ago. Excuse the funny angle but it was hard to photograph without holding the flower to support it. This flower appeared miraculously overnight on our cactus plant. It had whithered and died by the next morning, but was beautiful while it lasted. On the knitting front, I am about to attempt my first laceweight project. I am making a Forest Canopy shawl in Ice Blue Fiddlesticks zephr which is a wool/silk mix on 5mm needles and I am going to do at least 20 repeats to make it big enough to wrap round me and snuggle into. Wish me luck!!!

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Fred said...

After seeing that quilt (and I want lessons!) it should be a doddle. I've seen that cacti flowers last only a short period of time and only once every few years because of their water/breeding needs which is a shame.