Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GCSE results and Spinning

First the exam results: DS took 2 of his GCSE's early (he is in year 10) and he got Physics A and Biology A* Well done to him : )

And second, I have finished spinning Roadkill. It 60g-ish, DK/aran-ish 110 yards-ish.


Stasher said...

Congratulations to Dear Son, who sounds just like his father on the phone! Your road kill just looks like a little hedgehog doing some sort of twisting action. Bet it feels really soft though!

mandycharlie said...

Well as long as he doesn't start dissecting your road kill, what with that A* in Biology you will be alright!

Congratulations to him, and you, they say behind every great man etc, I think behind every lovely boy is his mum. You have done good work.

Yarnspider said...

big congrats to DS. Great to hear he did so well.