Monday, September 13, 2010

'All Clear' and some knitting

Phew - I have been to the hospital today and my kidneys now have the 'All Clear' No more stones, all troublesome lumps removed and benign, kidneys working perfectly. No more surgery in the foreseeable future.
I am gradually getting my strength back and am feeling much better. My mood is lifting too and I feel almost back to normal, normal as I get : )

The relief is almost over-whelming!!!
These are some 'Mother & Daughter' mittens I made for DD1 and Grand-daughter. I made the big mittens and half a baby one and ran out of yarn. Fortunately my good friend Stasher had some left over from some socks she had made, so I was able to finish them. Thanks Stasher XXXX


YarnGatherer said...

So pleased for you, must be such a relief xx

Stasher said...

You are welcome. Hope Mother and Baby are out there showing them off soon.