Monday, March 7, 2011

Finished my Hexagons

I went to my Spring Quilting retreat this weekend. 30 ladies of a 'certain age' get together at Quorn Hall and spend 2 days bissfully quilting. Much laughing and chatting goes on, plenty oef eating of cake, and very little sleeping.

I set up my table with the hexagon quilt and all my odds and ends, plus a not-very-helpful pneguin who refused to do any sewing.

Success. At 1.59pm on Sunday afternoon, just before we had to stop sewing, I sewed in my last hexagon. I am very happy, as you can see. I just have to sew on the borders, quilt it and do the binding............................ but it has gone back in its box for a few days until I catch up with my housework : )


Georgina said...

Cor - good for you! All that handstitching!!
I went to a Quilter's Guild regional on Saturday - Sue from Asding gave a talk on wadding which was really interesting, but I am sure only a fellow quilter would understand!!

Stasher said...

If something that is going to last a long time, is a long time in the making, then there will have been lots of thoughts and love gone into it.