Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing - Delilah

This is my new spinning wheel - Delilah. I have called her Delilah because I found it so hard to get the hang of using her that I found myself saying 'Why, why, WHY did I buy this wheel.I hadnt realised how hard it would be to get used to a completely different way of treadling. My other wheel is an Ashford Elizabeth 2, which has bearings and the wheel is on the right, not in the middle. I just flick the wheel, and off it goes. With Delilah the wheel is in the middle, as is the treadle, and I cant flick the wheel. It took several hours of patient, and not so patient practise before I could get the wheel to go consistently in the direction I wanted it to.
The sliding hook flyer took some practice too. All in all, it was like being a beginner again. I persevered and now love Delilah as much as Elizabeth, but I've got a bit more practice to do before I am as competent and confident on her.

My spinning corner looks just right now. The radiator is switched of permanently until Winter, when I shall move my wheels to another corner. Having a travelling wheel has certainly expanded my horizons and I hope to take Delilah to Wonderwool Wales if I have stopped using naughty words when spinning on her.

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