Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our Allotment Post-Flooding

The potatoes and onions survived the flooding, but the carrots and leeks didnt.

The chard and radishes lovingly grown by dear son survived - but the rest of his crop of lettuce and cabbage didnt.

The runner beans flagged for a while but are making a comeback. The pea plants are very leafy and green - but no pods yet!!

And the cabbages and cauli are a disaster. On the whole, I think we survived better than we hoped considering the allotment was under water 2 weeks ago and we were thinking of turning them into paddy fields LOL.

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Anonymous said...

That's a shame, but then there's always something else you can try hopefully. Dratted weather, when rain comes we wish it was sunny, when it's sunny we wish it would rain. I bet the stuff that has survived will grow on to be the best tasting and probably bumper crops too. I just looked back at one of your previous postings having tea by the lake.....sigh!