Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am nearly half-way through the school holidays as my sons school closed on the 6th July and re-opens on the 6th Sept. I am begining to wonder how I am going to survive the rest of this break. I love my son (he is 12 years old) and he is fun to be with and has a very well developed sense of humour, is polite and generally interesting. Its just that I dont think I can take many more converstions and activities centred around Star Wars and Lego.

I am a person who cherishes being alone. I could be a hermit and speak to no-one for weeks on end given the chance. Silence is golden to me. I need it, lots of it. I wasnt always like this. I come from a large family in a small house and shared a bedroom with 4 sisters. As for my noisy, smelly teasing brothers, least said the better.

But now I am older, quieter, more reflective, and solitude is my goal. If you hear on the news of a crazy red-head who has moved into a cave somewhere and refuses to come out - thats me!!!


natalie said...

Me too!
Maybe we could run away together... quietly, with our knitting.

Spinayarn said...

Gosh - if only it were possible. I want to be alone......sort of or at least in compainable silence. sigh!!!!