Friday, April 25, 2008

Congratulations Mr Sunflower Swifts!!!

My DH has won a prize for his wood-turning!!! Am I proud - you bet LOL

Not just any competition either. This is the Woodex 08 national competition. DH entered in the 'novice' category as he has only been turning for 18 months. He came 3rd!!!! He won a gift voucher to spend on more wood and got a certificate. By the way, the man presenting it isn't a midget, DH is a giant.

The prize-winning article - a bowl in Olive Ash embellished with Celtic Knot work in various woods.

PS Yes, I knitted the jumper DH is wearing : )


yvette said...

Well done Mr Sunflower Swifts, that is a gorgeous bowl. Thanks for sharing your Tunisian photos, they are stunning.

Julie said...

That bowl is beautiful. I particularly like the inlaid Celtic knot work. :)

I can see why you're proud of your DH - well done to him!

Nice jumper too - something I can only aspire to. :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr SS! The bowl is beautiful - all that celtic knotwork - must have taken forever!