Tuesday, April 8, 2008

That Sinking Feeling

I came back on Sunday night from a week holiday in Tunisia with DH and DS. As I walked into the lounge/dining room I got this sensation that something wasnt quite right. The computer desk seemed to be sloping!!!!! I walked a bit further and the earth moved.........one of the floorboards was definately bending. and there was an ominous creaking sound.

We quickly put down our suitcases and investigated. Of course, I did the mature thing.......put the kettle on and called to DH for his toolbox : ). It turns out that one of the sleeper walls which the joists rest on had cracked, causing the joist to move and all the floorboards at that end were sloping downwards. Not good in the snow etc!!! I now have plastic on my floor and a 2" gap between my kitchen and living room with a howling gale going through it - I've stuffed it with newspaper but my cats seem to see my efforts as a challenge for them to investigate LOL

Heigh-ho - normal service re: sunflower swifts will NOT be resumed for a week or two. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer floorboard in the right place and an even floor even more than I like making yarny tools.

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