Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tunisia - the final installment

While we were travelling around we came across this baby camel - isnt he beautiful : )
Of course, we had to stop at the village where they filmed some of Star Wars and take the obligatory photo.

The tour of the date palm plantation was interesting. They had banana plants there too. Our guide climbed up the date palm to show us how the dates are harvested.

The view from our balcony on the second day. When we arrived there were no construction works going on - 48 hours later the crane and concrete mixers arrive, not to mention the pneumatic drills - nuff said I think : (

Thats all folks - goodbye from Tunisia. Tomorrow we have exciting news about Mr Sunflower Swifts plus photo's!!!

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SallyO said...

Lovely to see the photos. I had a GREAT holiday in Tunisia in about 1996, and I stayed in Sousse as well.