Monday, September 8, 2008

Ombres & Delft

I love multi-coloured yarn, fabric and threads. I love solid colours too, but my favourite shades are the Ombres. I just find the single coloured yarns etc which go all the way from light to dark fascinating to work with. I get such pleasure from seeing something I knit or sew in, for example, Pink and seeing it develop from deepest Cyclamen to the palest pink blush of a Rosebud.

My Step-mother collects fine quality pieces of Delft pottery, including tiles. They are beautiful, intricate and delicate. Part of the patterning reminds me of lace and, with my love of ombres, the many shades of bue mesmerise me and I can look at them for hours.

I found a cross-stitch pattern in an old issue of Crosstitcher magazine. It was a set of 4 Delft tiles. Each one comprises of at least 8 shades of blue, plus white. How could I resist? So I present Tile Number 1, with the others to follow later:

They are about 5" square and will be framed and hung along the stairway of my blue and white hall.

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Julie said...

Very pretty :)

Reminds me of why I was originally drawn to cross-stitch. Sadly, I discovered I don't have the patience to stitch the larger more intricate designs I was drawn to, but it sure is nice to admire someone else's work!