Thursday, September 25, 2008

Worm socks & Alpaca

These socks don't look like worms, they don't act like worms either, so why have I called them 'Worm Socks'? Well, I have gradually been losing my knitting and spinning mojo. I looked back on this years knitting and realised that, apart from a pair of gloves, everything i had made had gone to others. No wonder I felt low. On Ravelry there is a group called Selfish Knitters. They knit what they want, when they want. If they make something for someone else it is a conscious decision rather than the response to guilt or pressure. I have joined this group and the Worm Has Turned!!! For the next 6 months I pledge to knit something for me, and do some spindling for me every day. Hence the title of the socks, they are my first 'me' project since making the decision. I finished the first sock in 3 sessions and have immediately cast on for the second sock today and my knitting mojo has returned : ) The yarn is Regia Kaffe Fassett Mirage in the Canyon colourway.

I am also spinning 10 mins a day for myself. This is some Alpaca fibre from Chrispindle (also on Ravelry) in the Blue Moon colourway. It is sooo soft and fluffy and drafts beautifully. My spinning mojo has returned now too : )

I think the weather doesnt help - I had to take these photos on the workshop windowsill because it has been so overcast here.

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