Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have learned that it is very hard to post on on ones blog when everything is a secret.

I have been knitting - but I cant show you because they are secret presents.

I have been crocheting - ditto

I have even been sewing - guess what - yep, its a secret : )

Oh well. I will have plenty to show and talk about in the new year LOL

Meanwhile, the workshop has been re-organised, tidied up and spring cleaned and I am learning to use a Morticer (it cuts square holes in wood) and a Circular saw (which is like one of those big round rotating saws with teeth that James Bond nearly gets sawn in half on in the Movies). I have dinky new ear defenders which I have customised with pink fur fabric, and a 13" high wooden box to stand on to reach the workbench which is set at DH's height. I'm quite enjoying myself. I have always used the Pillar drill and Band Saw etc, but not the bigger stuff. I will tackle the Planer/Thicknesser (the big daddy of tools with lots of fearsome blades and whirring things) after Christmas.

I notice nobody interrupts me when I am using them : )


steel breeze said...

I know I wouldn't dare intterupt you with that kit in your hands! :)

Cinders said...

Gosh, I'm impressed with you using those tools. when OH puts his circular saw on I run a mile!!!