Thursday, February 26, 2009

Demolition Day

You know how people always tell you that people who don't make a mess, don't make anything? and that you cant make an omelet without breaking eggs etc??? Well:

We now have a fireplace in progress

And a ceiling in progress

And a doorway in progress

And ,yes, that's right - a wall in progress!!!
Happy days LOL


blueadt said...

Looks like our house a few months ago! Ours were outside walls so it was FREEZING but it's a lot better now.

Our stove is great. One of our neighbours is a joiner & does lofts all year round. Now he drops the wood off on our drive rather than paying for skips & we get free heat :)

It won't take long & it'll be so much nicer soon. I don't envy you the dust though it's horrible.

Julie said...


This is the point where you have to keep how the finished project will look firmly in mind. :)