Monday, February 9, 2009

We can re-build it!!!

Continuing from my previous post, we get to Friday and the repair work starts. You can see the leaning sleeper wall on the left, so our first task was to re-build it to make it straight. The sleeper wall is the first layer of the flooring sandwich and goes from the foundations of the house up to the bottom of the wooden joists.

Then we built a new lattice of joists for the floorboards to be attached to. The joists are treated for woodworm and rest on top of the sleeper walls.

Finally, we nailed and screwed MDF sheets of wood 3/4" thick on top of the joists to make the finished floor. That kept us busy until Saturday evening.

On Tuesday we start on the chimney in the lounge.. We plan to open it up and put a wood burning stove in to use up all our offcuts of wood. Hopefully I can get some knitting done soon too!!!!

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ra said...

Lord! Looks like you have your hands full there. Making good progress though, I'm very impressed and I'm sure it'll be worthwhile when it's all done.