Friday, February 6, 2009


We have finally had to tackle the floor problem in our lounge. The plasterers are booked for the end of the month to re-do the ceiling and walls, so the floor has to be done first. We started on Wednesday.

The sleeper wall which the joist rest on slid sideways in the Summer and we have now got to re-build the wall, replace the joist (3) and put down new floorboards in our lounge - in the coldest week of the winter!!!

The first photo shows DH getting started and replacing the wiring etc for the electric sockets. DH is not exactly thrilled to be acting like a mole in freezing conditions!!! We are lucky to have a joinery shop and the skills needed, but its still hard work. We have a 3-4 foot cavity under the floor, that's why DH looks like a midget LOL

This is the slab of concrete used to cover the original fireplace - it all fell apart when we removed the floorboards, so we have some bricking etc to do before going any further. We are also putting in a radiator and rewiring everything down here. I think the original work done in the 70's was done by Bodgit & Messy. The house was built in 1939 but was 'improved' in the 70's

Me acting as ballast for the joists while DH gets the remaining floor-boards up. I am wearing my coat because we found some dodgy gas pipes and have had to turn the gas off at the mains whilst it gets checked out so the heating is off - the fun never ends!!!

More towards the weekend : )

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Julie said...

All looks very different to the last time I was around. I'll bet you're really looking forward to getting it all finished!

Bad timing on the weather front though :-S