Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bricks & Mortar - but only just

Our original job for the plasterers was to just skim the ceilings and make good the new wall, doorways and fireplace. So much for the plan. As my Grandma would say 'God Moves in Mysterious Ways'

The plasterers were delayed by a week so I thought I would strip the remaining paper off the walls to make it easier when we decorate after the plasterers have been. Unfortunately, as I pulled some wallpaper off, the plaster came with it. Not just little bits, but whole chunks. I stopped what I was doing and went into the lounge to tell DH. I heard an almighty CRASH and a whole square meter of plaster fell off in the hall.

I quickly called the plasterer who came over and did that sucking noise thingy between his teeth. The whole lot had to come off in the hall, stairs, landing and lounge.

Three days and a skip full of plaster later, this is what we had left on our walls:

And below is a photo of the Killer RSJ we uncovered. The whole of our bedroom wall and most of the loft is bearing on this RSJ and it was only balanced on half a brick!!! The steel bar you can see is a wallplate that DH has now put in to secure the wall. We wouldnt have know of this dangerous RSJ if the plasterers hadnt been late and I hadnt started removeing wallpaper.
God works mysteriously alright!!

I have blisters on my hands from the Kango electric chisel and some of my fingertips feel numb, but DH and I got the plaster off and the repairs done in time. The plasterers arrived this Monday and are doing a sterling job. More photos to follow : )

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ra said...

It's very scary starting to do anything with a house , you can uncover some real horrors can't you? It amazes me that half our housing stock is still upright, but it seems to be doing okay in the main.

Hope that the whole process isn't stressing you out too much.