Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fibre & Spinning

First the Fibre - 2 x 100g of yummy squishyness from Babylonglegs

This is called 'Leo the Lion' and is 100g Falkland top

And this one is called 'Just Peachey' and is 100g Corriedale. I love the way that Babylonglegs uses such intense, saturated colours - no pastels with this lady!!!

And below is my current spinning. It is 100% Alpaca in 'Blue Moon' from the lovely Spindlefrog. I have just over 100g and have so far spun about 55g of it. It will be laceweight when I have plied it, I think.

I am using a 45g bottom whorl spindle and the scrunchie is to keep my cop of spun yarn neat when I stop spinning for the day. It also stops me from making a long thin cop as my spindle seems to spin better and faster with slow, wide cop. I suppose it isnt a 'proper' spinning tool but it works for me and looks pretty too : )

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