Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical Hands Need Mittens

My son is nearly 15 years old now and has very definate ideas of what is cool, and what is not. I was pleasantly surprised last week when he asked if I could knit him some new mittens for Winter as his old ones are now too small. He is funny about his hands, he doesnt like them to get cold, or dirty, and is sensitive to the way things feel. If something feels 'wrong' then wild horses wont get him to touch them again.

After a trip into the loft AKA the stash room, he decided on Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud DK. The actual colour is a mossy green, but I couldnt get my camera to play nicely today:

I used a very old Wendy pattern from the 80's which is still for sale nowadays. Very simple, very quick, and done on 2 straight needles. I only used 65g in total so value for money too : ) Number 1 Son loves them (at least, he smiled and grunted in an approving way) and has happy, cosy hands again.

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