Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Just Bread

Having watched various programs highlighting the horrors of commercial bread (emulsifiers, flour improvers etc) I thought it was about time I made my own.

I looked at Breadmakers, but they can only be used with yeast sachets containing flour improvers, and I want a natural loaf using ingredients that have been tried and tested for hundreds of years, so that ruled breadmakers out.

Then I looked at flour and discovered how the steel grinding method destroys so many vital vitamins in the flour, so I needed to find a supplier of stoneground flour which didn't cost the earth.

That lead me to Shipton Mill organic stoneground flour made from wheat grown in the UK. The price is competitive and they deliver.

Then I considered the time factor. It takes hours to make bread apparently.......well, it doesnt. It took no more time to mix and knead my loaves than it does to load my washing machine. The actual proving time is spent doing other things, just as I do other things while my washing machine is working. The knocking back took 5 mins and my oven was only on for 40 mins, 10 mins to warm up and 30 mins cooking time.

So 2 weeks after my inital decision to make my own bread, here we have traditional home made bread, no additives or extra chemicals. No machinery needed, not even a food mixer or processor. Just flour, Allinsons natural dried yeast, water, sugar and salt. The only equiptment needed is a bowl, scales, a teaspoon, a jug and a knife for slicing the cross on the top of the loaf (optional) and 2 baking trays. And it tastes fantastic too!!!

Meanwhile, during the first proving of my bread, I plied the Alpaca:

And whilst it proved the second time, I finished off the Belfalas merino and labelled it ready to put away for a special project.

All in all, a pretty good morning!!!


Freyalyn said...

Really looking forward to seeing what Belfalas turns into. And well done with the bread - homemade bread, with nothing but flour, water, yeast and salt is unbeatable. Though I often add olive or rapeseed oil too. A nut oil makes it very tasty.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for home-made bread. I used Shipton's flour too. In fact I used to grind my own flour from grain. I must have had more time in those days (about 25 years ago) - no, not more time, just better ideas about food. Now I don't even have an oven! Your post today brought back good memories for me. Thanks.
Melinda Jackson

Anonymous said...

The bread looks yummmmmeeee .
Multi tasking now that's the way to go.