Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Knitting - Part 1

Yes, I have started the baby knitting...or really I should say, continued as I have a set already from when I was expecting my son 15 years ago. The yellow cardigan is made from an odd ball of 4 ply I had in my loft. The ball band is missing so I don't know what the yarn is - but I suspect it is Snuggly from Sirdar. The pattern is an old one I cut out of a magazine and the balloon buttons are part of a collection of buttons I have had for centuries

The blue set below I have just finished. It is from the Sirdar Bonnie Baby booklet 212 and has loads of lovely sets in, including cardigans, leggings, booties etc so I can see me going to town with this booklet once I know what colours my daughter would like. The yarn is Phildar Luxe.

The green set below is vintage. I made this set for my son to come home from hospital in 15 years ago. He has grown a bit since then : ) The pattern is a complete boy and girl layette insert from Womans Weekly in 1981 and was printed when Princess Diana announced she was expecting her first child. I think it is called 'Fit for a Prince or Princess' and I still have the pattern in the loft. Again, the yarn is Pildar luxe.


Laurie said...

Beautiful babywork! I still dream fondly of the Phildar Yarns...Luxe...Sagittaire...and my favorite, Brisants.

Julie said...

Very cute - I particularly like the yellow one. :)

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

lovely:) I made that pattern at the bottom when my children were babies, brings back good memories:)

Stasher said...

What cute and lovely things you are knitting. I'm on the look out for 3 ply patterns. You were the wise one keeping patterns from years ago.