Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Customer Service

I have been known to buy the odd thing or two from Lakeland over the years...in fact, my entire kitchen cupboard contents owe their existence to Lakeland, as does much of my bathroom oddments and my smaller storage needs...oh, and my trolley on wheels containing my spinning stuff. I have always have fantastic customer service from them, but this week they outdid themselves!!

I had placed rather a large order with them last month and had not noticed the free gift available to claim if I spent over a certain amount. This month I received the latest catalogue - they have such lovely, tempting catalogues (i know, I'm digressing) - and I noticed that they were offering a free gift is I spent over a certain amount.

I rang up customer services to ask how I claimed the free gift if I ordered over the website and just mentioned that I hadn't noticed a button or anything last month when I placed my last order. The lady (very polite and friendly as always) looked up my order history and immediately noticed that I would have been eligible for a free gift if I had noticed the button to press to claim it.

Today the free gift I hadn't claimed from last time arrived here with a lovely note. I hadn't asked for this retrospective free gift, they just sent it anyway.

The pinnacle of customer service IMHO!!!!

Now why, I hear you ask, is there a photo of 2 Xmas ornaments here? Well, we are doing the finally decorations to the front room and have cleared most of the remaining furniture. Under the Grandfather clock I found the ornament on the left, one which I made out of felt about 5 years ago and must have dropped off the tree last year......the one on the right was made by DS when he was 3 years old and it still gets hung up ever year - I love home made things : )


Anonymous said...

Lakeland always look after their customers brilliantly. I inherited a nearly new Remoska cooker from a friend last year but couldn't find the instruction booklet. I rang Lakeland to see if I could buy one and they sent me one free of charge. If only all mailorder places were half as good...

mandycharlie said...

And me, I love homemade things too.