Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An English City Garden

DH and I live in the centre of a city, but we love old English flowers and cottage gardens.This year we created an abundance of flowers in the small front garden of our terraced house. It has caused much interest among the neighbours, particularly the older ones.
Last year we had some Dahlias, and the year before we had some sweet peas, but this year we went the whole hog with Honeysuckle, Fox Gloves and Roses. There are also 4 varieties of the flower I have shown below. We were given the cuttings by a friend, but I have forgotten the name of the flowers.
These are the mystery flowers I mean. They are all the same type, but in different colours:

The smell in the front garden is lovely. I open the top front windows in the morning to let the breeze waft through the house : )
I am so blessed to be married to a man with very green fingers !!


Anonymous said...

The garden looks lovely! Your mystery flowers are aquilegia, also known as columbine or granny's bonnets - they're one of my very favourites, and the great thing is that they'll come up year after year with absolutely no attention (ask me how I know....)

steel breeze said...

Aquilegia? Excellent stuff! I've got some of the pink/purple one, and had no idea what it was. Plants have to be very self-maintaining for me, I'm not a keen gardener!

And our front garden is a big piece of lawn (which is more clover than grass). Sigh!

Pearlesyarn said...

Pretty flowers:-) They will seed themselves all about the place and you will find that the "children" are all different colours. They're one of my favorite flowers.
Glad that you are feeling better, take care:-)

Stasher said...

Seen it in the flesh, and it is really like a front cottage garden. Like the idea of a well varieagated hosta onlong the path.