Saturday, May 24, 2014

Building days 2 & 3: Dig, Dig, Dig

8 am, Friday morning, they broke out the concrete breaker and went for it : )

 then the mini digger came out to play again, and again…and again…….and filled the huge skip. Then they went home while the Skip Man Cometh to empty the skip and bring it back all ready for Saturday.

 8.15am Saturday morning they started to dig the trenches for the brickwork, and uncovering pipes and whatnot under the ground. Including 2 mysterious copper water pipes. No-one, not even the neighbours, knows what they are for, they dont seem to be still in use, so we will ignore them. I think they may have been the old pipes to the house before it was on mains water.
Meanwhile, the meter reader came from the Co-op to read my gas meter. I dont have a gas meter. This house has never been on mains gas. The co-op still havent got it right so I will move suppliers. Anyway, back to the building…..

and here we are, footing trenches, and the bits they carefully dug out with spades around the pipe to the septic tank. They are making very fast progress.

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