Thursday, May 29, 2014


Sorry to be AWOL for a couple of days. I managed to hurt my eye yesterday and it has made typing and looking at the screen a bit difficult.

I got a bit of grit in my left eye, and rubbed to get it out. Cue agony for several hours and a trip to Casualty. It turned out the grit had got stuck under my eyelid and has made a fine cut across my eye from the pupil to the outer corner. The nurse very gently got the grit out. I totally appreciate both the NHS and the wonders of eye anesthetic drops.

The surface of my eye hurts.

A lot

I have ointment to prevent infection. I have an eye pad. And the pain is only bearable if I keep my eye closed.

Given that I have a bit of a squint, from a childhood injury,  everything is swimming up and down as my right eye tries to compensate so I am getting seasick when I sit up.

Back soon, with lots of photos and progress on the building work..............................

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