Saturday, May 31, 2014

Plumbing and Sewage and Pipes, Oh MY!!!!!

The house was full of old pipes. Whenever new work was done, they left the old pipes in and put new ones next to them. Gradually we are sorting out the plumbing and removing all redundant pipes, taps, stop cocks etc. Its a bit like untangling yarn.

When the builders dug the foundation trench in the back, they found the old sewage pipe to the septic tank was cracked and had a small leak. We now have a lovely new sewage pipe. Oh Joy!!!!

This was the water to the outhouse. It was pretty dodgy and leaked

It came from pipes under the kitchen sink, as you can see. The stop cocks didnt work.

so Richard set about sorting them out. First he used compression joints and capped the old pipes off. We can tidy it up more on the inside when we remodel the kitchen.

He cut off and pulled out the now redundant and disconnected old pipes.

and now we have a tidy outside wall, with no leaks to drop on the concrete when they pour it next week.

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